Knowledge mobilization

Our team specializes in taking research and established knowledge about sound and translating it in usable ways for professionals and the greater public. We focus on developing accessible content, built on tangible examples, and attractive presentations to encourage more sound awareness among city makers and users. We have a history of:

  • Offering tailor-made workshops that feature a variety of learning and discussion formats
  • Facilitating co-design initiatives and inclusive roundtables centered on critical stakeholder needs
  • Setting up, testing, and documenting pilot projects on the sound dimension of public spaces
  • Articulating policy successes and shortcomings, best practices, and providing recommendations for innovative sound management strategies
  • Leading soundwalks for professionals and the greater public alike, offering on-site and hands-on guided opportunities to experience cities sonically
  • Developing courses and other educational activities (e.g. a soundscape design course) aimed directly at professionals of the built environment, offering specific strategies for integrating sound considerations in everyday practices and projects
  • Organizing community outreach activities to ensure community support and engagement for inclusive urban interventions
  • Engaging in other outreach activities through e.g. extensive media presence

If you wish to engage us for knowledge mobilization at your organization or your projects, or if you have questions for us, please contact us at