Noise Regulation Review

Noise Regulation Database

Sounds in the City begins with the development of a database of noise regulations from cities around the world. We seek to understand the commonalities and differences that span these documents. We know, for example, that city size plays a role in the way a city manages its noise. But what other factors drive these regulations?

To make sense of all of the documents, we are developing an iterative coding scheme that tracks, for example, the various elements of control used to manage noise. These can be day versus night differences, exceptions for musical performances, or where in the planning process noise is first considered.

This database will be the first of its kind and will be made available to the public. We hope to aid researchers and practitioners alike who wish to engage in comparative studies of noise regulation or to see directly how other cities have dealt with similar issues. Our database will also be the foundation for a best practice review.

To build this database, we are relying on our team’s shared experience in Information Studies, Acoustics, Regulations, and Noise Inspection. However, we will encounter unfamiliar languages, implementations, and organizational structures, so we are seeking help from the community at large to populate this database and understand these documents.


We are seeking your help to populate our database by submitting your local (and beyond) noise regulations.

To contribute your documents, please send an email to with any necessary attachments. In the body of the email, please indicate the country where the regulations are found, whether it is a local, municipal, regional, national, or even multinational document, and include any necessary hyperlinks. Please feel free to provide any additional information as well that you feel may provide extra context.