Sounds in the City presents at Semaine du son UNESCO Canada

by Edda Bild

The UNESCO Sound Week (Semaine du Son UNESCO), an event taking place all over France every year in January since 2017, was planned to have its first iteration in Quebec in 2020. A week-long series of events under the umbrella of the UNESCO Sound Week Canada (La Semaine du Son de L’UNESCO Canada) was organized in late March as part of the 2020 International Year of Sound. As with many events right now, it went digital in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All presentations were transferred online, and were uploaded temporarily on the page of the Semaine du Son. Sounds in the City was invited to give two presentations.

Soundscape design for urban professionals (Le Son pour les practiciens en aménagement)

By Edda Bild and Cynthia Tarlao

Sounds in the City presents the outline of a course we are putting together, entitled: A new intro to sound: Concrete steps for designing with sound in mind. The course is intended for an audience of urban design professionals from the private sector, or anyone else interested in sound-aware city-making processes. Click here to access a teaser presentation (in French) for our soundscape design course.

For those of you reading this blogpost, the syllabus of the course and the format are still work in progress, so your feedback is highly appreciated! Contact us at for details on the course or for suggestions and recommendations.

Montreal as a soundscape living lab (Montréal comme laboratoire vivant sur les ambiances sonores)

By Catherine Guastavino

Sounds in the City PI, Catherine Guastavino, gives a description of how we use the city of Montreal as our living lab for soundscape research. Pairing original user research, like questionnaire studies and interviews, with sound-aware design thinking, we are working with partners to bring sound to the design table. Click here to access the presentation (in French).

The Sounds in the City team hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our team is adapting our work and research priorities to the new realities and the “new normal”. Stay tuned for future “sounds during the COVID-19 quarantine” – related posts.