Sounds in the City in L’Actualité

Check out this fascinating long-form article on the price of silence in Quebec by Catherine Dubé at L’Áctualité. Titled, “Is Silence a Luxury? We must go further and further and pay more and more to have a little bit of peace,” the author explores the sonic ramifications of massive increases in population and private automobile usage in the province. She covers the various strategies that residents, urban, suburban, and rural alike, use to find their relief and also what the government has done to help. There is, however, apparently a price to pay for being poor – Montreal’s noisiest neighborhoods are also its poorest, for example.

The piece arrives at the work of Sounds in the City, describing our psychoacoustic approach, our work with the city, and the importance of integrated planning and acoustics decisions:  (in French only, but the Google Translation is OK)