Best Practices

In recent years, international research initiatives on urban soundscapes have produced a number of important reviews (e.g. European Environment Agency’s (2014) Good practice guide on quiet areas, ISO working group on Soundscape, EU and NSF network publications). However, these reviews do not always reach planners in a way that helps them link soundscape to urban noise management and urban planning regulations, and they don’t always account for local context. We will build on and synthesize these resources to derive key recommendations applicable to a dense urban context. We will focus on helping cities, and Montreal in particular, enact stepwise changes to their existing regulations that minimize risks and costs to their organization. We will focus training efforts on real study sites, which provide tangible rather than abstract applications of the soundscape approach for our planners and will be used to illustrate potential solutions at different stages of the planning process.

The first phase of the Sounds in the City project begins with our workshop on soundscapes of pedestrianized streets at Montreal’s Goethe Institut.